Percival Legal is a Sydney based law firm specializing in
international trade and business law.

Percival Legal is a Sydney based Australian corporate and commercial law firm specializing in international trade and business law. It is recognized globally as a specialist in trade law and international business, including WTO rules, free trade agreements, UN and autonomous sanctions, bribery of foreign public officials, restrictions on the export of dual use technologies and cross border transactions, including joint ventures, technology licensing agreements, manufacturing and marketing agreements and distribution agreements.
Percival Legal also advises on and assists in domestic corporate and commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisition, corporate governance, capital raising transitions and project financing, as well as all forms of commercial transactions.

We assist clients in navigating through international
trade and business rules


- Trade measures such as anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations

- Customs matters such as tariff classification and customs valuation issues as well as obtaining duty concessions and refunds

- Obtaining benefits under Free Trade Agreements and WTO Agreements and overcoming trade barriers to access export markets

- Complying with the regulatory requirements on the export of dual use technologies that have both a civilian and military application

- Complying with UN sanctions and Australian autonomous sanctions

- Complying with OECD and Australian regulatory requirements in relation to the bribery of public officials

- Trade compliance programmes.


- Cross-border procurement agreements for the international sale or acquisition of goods and/or services, including the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), Incoterms 2010 and other conventions governing the international sale of goods and services

- Foreign investment rules

- Mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, capital raisings, project finance and related transactions

- Joint venture agreements

- Distribution and agency agreements and agreements for the acquisition and supply of goods and services, as well as consultancy agreements

- Technology licensing and manufacturing agreements

International Trade and Business Law

With globalisation and the increasing proliferation of free trade agreements, as well as the existence of the World Trade Organisation agreements and associated jurisprudence, trade rules are increasingly affecting businesses that operate internationally.