Labor’s Proposed $1 Billion Australian Manufacturing Fund – Throwing Stones in Glass Houses

Labor’s Bill Shorten and Kim Carr have promised a $1 advanced billion manufacturing fund, a so-called Australian Manufacturing Fund, to back Australian manufacturers if it wins the next election. Ostensibly this is to assist Australian manufacturing industries having difficulty obtaining finance from traditional resources such as banks. However, what are implications of such a fund...
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Anti-Dumping & Protectionism

Commentators on anti-dumping measures do not seem to understand anti-dumping rules under the WTO Agreement. Take the discussion about Arrium, an Australian steel maker employing almost 10,000 workers. Arrium is the company that was spun out from BHP Billiton 2000 as OneSteel. Recently it collapsed into voluntary administration with debts of more than $2 billion. Why...
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